Make your time in Sapporo a little more special!







Take a lunchtime walking tour of Nijo Market in the old town of Sapporo and learn about the area’s history and enjoy the city’s unique culture.

The tour begins at the Cross Hotel Sapporo, passing the iconic Odori Park on the way to the Hokkaido Jingu Tongu Shrine. This shrine has strong local ties and is known for its spiritual aura. After being surrounded by the sounds of nature, enjoy a lunch of fresh seafood over rice at the 100-year-old Nijo Fish Market. After strolling through Nijo Market and soaking up the local culture, enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee at Kotobuki Coffee, a local specialty coffee shop. Coffee brewed by coffee artisans has a special taste like you have never tasted before.

The tour will take 2.5 hours. You have the option of returning to your hotel with your guide or parting with your guide but continuing to explore the market.

--- Prices

1名様あたり Per person

--- Details

1. 旅行期間:日帰り Day trip

2. 募集人員:8名(最少催行人員:2名)
  Max. 8 persons, Min. 3 persons

3. 参加条件:6歳以上 Ages 6 and up


4. 申込締切:前日17:00まで
  5:00 p.m. the day before the tour

5. 食事条件:昼食1回 Including lunch

6. 行程表:

09:30 クロスホテル札幌前 集合
Meet in front of Cross Hotel Sapporo
09:30 オリエンテーション/出発
09:50 北海道神宮頓宮見学
Visit Hokkaido Jingu Tongu
10:30 二条市場到着/小熊商店にて昼食
Arrive at Nijo Market / Lunch at Oguma Shoten
11:20 昼食後、二条市場散策
After lunch, stroll around Nijo Market
Departure from Nijo Marke
11:30 寿珈琲で休憩
Rest at Kotobuki Coffee
12:00 クロスホテル札幌前 解散
Dismissal at Cross Hotel Sapporo

10. その他



*In principle, the tour will be held even in the event of rain or stormy weather.

*The itinerary and content of the tour may be subject to change due to weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc. Arrival may be delayed. Please understand this in advance.

--- Field



Nijo Market is said to have started in the early Meiji period when fishermen from Ishikari Beach sold fresh fish. The market is crowded with many tourists every day due to its location in the center of Sapporo.
It is also known as the local kitchen, and stylish restaurants line the streets nearby.





国内旅行業取扱管理者 中根宏樹